2nd Garage Cup – 2018

Bookies tip Sipos – starts with 3 out of 3. 

Due to off island engagements 6 games were played from various rounds.

Timetable: – Clocks start at 7pm prompt.
Entry Fee: – You must be a club member and hold a current
ECF membership.
Rate of Play: – 25 minutes per person with a 5 second increment
per move from move 1. (no required number of moves)
After 25 minutes from the start of each
round absent players will be defaulted. Opponent will be
given a walkover.

7th May 2018 – 7pm start.

Round One.

  1. Sanjay Gumireddy (w) v Antony Jackson (b) (to be rescheduled)
  2. Silvester Sipos (w) v Francis Thoday (b) (to be rescheduled)
  3. Brian Woodard (w) v Howard Dobson (b) (to be rescheduled)

Round Two.

  1. Antony Jackson (w) v Sanjay Gumireddy (b) 0 – 1
  2. Francis Thoday (w) v Silvester Sipos (b) (to be rescheduled)
  3. Howard Dobson (w) v Brian Woodard (b) (to be rescheduled)

Round Three.

  1. Howard Dobson (w) v Silvester Sipos (b) (to be rescheduled)
  2. Francis Thoday (w) v Sanjay Gumireddy (b) (to be rescheduled)
  3. Antony Jackson (w) v Brian Woodard (b) 0 – 1

11th June 2018 – 7pm start.

Round Four.

  1. Silvester Sipos (w) v Howard Dobson (b)
  2. Sanjay Gumireddy (w) v Francis Thoday (b)
  3. Brian Woodard (w) v Antony Jackson (b)

Round Five.

  1. Silvester Sipos (w) v Sanjay Gumireddy (b) 1 – 0
  2. Brian Woodard (w) v Francis Thoday (b)
  3. Antony Jackson (w) v Howard Dobson (b)

Round Six.

  1. Sanjay Gumireddy (w) v Silvester Sipos (b)
  2. Francis Thoday (w) v Brian Woodard (b)
  3. Howard Dobson (w) v Antony Jackson (b)

2nd July 2018 – 7pm start.

Round Seven.

  1. Silvester Sipos (w) v Brian Woodard (b) 1 – 0
  2. Francis Thoday (w) v Antony Jackson )b)
  3. Howard Dobson (w) v Sanjay Gumireddy (b)

Round Eight.

  1. Brian Woodard (w) v Silvester Sipos (b)
  2. Antony Jackson (w) v Francis Thoday (b)
  3. Sanjay Gumireddy (w) v Howard Dobson (b)

30th July 2018 – 7pm start.

Round Nine.

  1. Silvester Sipos (w) v Antony Jackson (b)
  2. Francis Thoday (w) v Howard Dobson (b)
  3. Brian Woodard (w) v Sanjay Gumireddy (b) 0 – 1

Round Ten.

  1. Antony Jackson (w) v Silvester Sipos (b) 0 – 1
  2. Howard Dobson (w) v Francis Thoday (b)
  3. Sanjay Gumireddy (w) v Brian Woodard (b)